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Article :: 2008.06.12 - This Week Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in “This Week”
Thursday 12 June 2008.

Men's Report
This Week we look at the Firestone Pork n Bacon Tournament and the second round results from the Presidents Trophy.

Firestone Tournament
There was a good field for the Firestone Pork n Bacon Tournament played in somewhat vitriolic and veritable conditions.

The Monthly Medal winner was Wayne Mudford with a nett 65.

Winning the Ladies nett prize was Alison Riley with 70, and the stableford prize went to Barbara Barr with 36 points.

The division 1 nett winner was Spotty McCarthy 66, runner up Mark Nicholl 68.  The stableford winner was Vance Carson 41, Butch Hamilton 40, Ross Jellard 39, Allan Wallace 38, and King Kong Shanly, Mark Lawrence, Ted Ward and Steve Thorby all 37 points.

Eyebrows were raised when a certain someone, not from Hamilton, did not win a prize.  This was diagnosed as possibly an allergic reaction to the guilt of laminating a gorilla poster purporting this to be somewhat akin to a certain golf correspondent’s golf swing who used to be the club captain.  Karma is good!

In division 2, the nett winner was Wayne Mudford 65, runner up Ron Hunt 69.  The stableford winner was Adam Sadler (?!) 42, David Hoyte (?!!) and Roger Clothier (?!!!) 39, Andrew Sadler (?!!!!) and Neville Dugan 38, and Tony Muller 37 ... the use of concise and appropriate punctuation can be very useful in conveying the simple message for any interpretation by the readers.

Two’s were scored by Alison Riley, Warren Long, John Mulholland, Tali Mulafia and David O’Brien on the 3rd, Barbara Barr and Heather Howard on the 8th, and Lauchie Phillips on the 10th.

Presidents Trophy
The Presidents started in earnest on Saturday, and there were some fiercely contested contesting done.

Ross Jellard and John Mulholland beat John Anderson and Ron Hunt 1 up, a birdie on the last hole by Ross Jellard to secure a tight win.

Vance Carson and David O’Brien played Ron Taylor and Vic O’Rourke winning 1 up after a comeback from 4 down by the Brown Brothers.

Greg Worth and David Hoyte lost to Terry Garnett and Neville Dugan 3/2; Spotty McCarthy beat Butch Hamilton and Lauchie Phillips on the 19th with little or no help from his hedge growing mate Mike Hamilton.

Ding’s match of the weekend went to the 20th hole.  John Barr and Ted Ward lost to the Kensington’s, Stew and Phil with the elder Kensington bombing a 20 foot downhill sideways putt for par, with a shot to secure the most fragile of victories.

There were no splitting hairs in this next match as Ding was Worthless in his bout against ACC Pete Smith and Massey Rata.  Eventually losing on the 6th hole after passing the 18th Ding was coming back from 6 down dormie to eventually lose 4/3.

Tali Mulafia and Brian Curd lost to Allan Wallace and Duncan Gallagher 1 down, and finally, Tango and Hooky lost to Balls and Scooter 4/2 (aka Dieter Drescher and Colin Howard play Stephen Thorby and Mark Nicholl!)

The quarter final draw sees  Ross Jellard and John Mulholland play Vance Carson and David O’Brien; Terry Garnett and Nev Dugan play Mike Hamilton and Spotty McCarthy; The Kensington’s play Massey Rata and Peter Smith; and Allan Wallace and Duncan Gallagher and play Mark Nicholl and Steve Thorby.

Ding’s Devious Delvings
Ding cops some flak from time to time with his musings, but just like the war correspondents, we venture into the bombardment zone without fair (nor fear) or favour, disregarding the perils of life on the lines.

Some snippets, did you realise that on Saturday, half of the ladies (50%) featured in the Prize pool in the ladies division, and 75% of the ladies field scored two’s?  That's 125% of the ladies won prizes ... what a great supportive golf club Putaruru is to our wonderful ladies.

Did Wayne Mudford score better than 33 points on Sunday at the Lakeview Mid Winter Xmas Tournament ... there's a beer riding on this with Ding reckoning that he didn’t have any show after 43 points on Saturday.

Was there some PK chewing gum used to stick up the horrific gorilla poster purporting Ding’s golf swing?  What is the saying ... revenge is a dish best served cold?!

Was there a Lock nut that came unstuck in the match between Spotty, Eyebrow, Black Flag and Butch?  Or was the match just between Butch (68 nett) and Spotty (66 nett) with their playing partners relegated to quiet conversation about how dangerous hedges with thorns can be?

Here is the oxymoron for the week, David Hoyte had 39 points!  David’s playing partner, Greg Worth did not have a good day at the office, perhaps exhausted from fretting about how he was going to carry the Goliath of partners for the day ... Or was it just a case of 4 too many out of bounds prior to the match?

Finally, Ding busted a Vet on Saturday actually repairing pitch marks on the greens, whether they were his or not.  Taking ACC Pete to task, it was gratifying to have evidence that there are people that take the time to have a look around a make a quick repair while waiting their turn to putt ... Unlike those that left their pitch marks unrepaired because they had just shanked, or taken 2 out of the bunker, or 4 putted the last 2 greens, or bladed a chip through the green, and no, I am not referring to Eyebrow Hamilton’s round for the day!

Vets Results
Results from the Men’s Vets scramble played last Thursday were 1st Colin Hamilton 42, 2nd Gary Urbahn 42, followed by John Mathis and John Wood both on 40.  Where were the ladies?

Coming up …
Today we have the Vets, and on Saturday the third round of the Presidents.

On Wednesday the 18th we have our annual Stockies and Cockies sponsored by Summit Quinphos, Pioneer Seeds and Wrightson PGG.  Bring your gumboot throwing arm and come and hear the tragic tales of golf, and how the farmers are all coping with drought recovery while dealing with the record payout ... will we see any dry stock cockies?

And on the 28th (Saturday) we have the Putaruru mid Winter Christmas Open Tournament.  There is a start sheet in the club rooms.

... Good golfing from XCD!


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