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Article :: 2008.06.19 - This Week Press Report

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Putaruru Golf Club Report for Insertion in “This Week”
Thursday 19 June 2008.

Men's Report
This Week we look at the weekend scramble and third round results from the President’s Trophy.

But first a plea, unrepaired pitch marks on the green drew significant comment on Saturday.  Not wanting to make a song and Tango about this issue, but playing in one of the early fours on Saturday, there were significant numbers of pitch marks left that could only come from week day players.

As winter encroaches, even short pitches and chip shots will leave a mark, so please, please, please repair your pitch marks, and if you can’t find yours, fix someone else’s!

And while we are at it replacing divots wouldn’t hurt either.

A quick observation on the updated course rating, this was done when the greens were smaller, should it be reviewed now the greens are back to almost the old larger sizes?

The impact of the slope going up from 112 to 115, and the NZSCR from 67.9 to 68.2, doesn’t sound like a lot, but the reality is that the better than average golfer is going to drop their handicap index by half a shot, or 0.5 on average and the higher handicappers will drop by something approaching 1 whole shot ... something to think about.

And for those that saw the revamped 13th tee complete with its own rock garden, what an asset.  The Putaruru Golf Club is very much indebted to the generous donation from the Uden family that has allowed this to happen.  Thanks to Tony & Heather Edgar, Ted Ward and all the others who have assisted with this project.

Saturday Scramble
There were 57 in the field on Saturday for just a scramble.  And the scoring was intoxicatingly extravagant.

In division 1, the winner was Chris McKillop on count back from Max Russell with a formidable 47 points, followed by Vance Carson 45, Lauchie Phillips 44, John Barr 43, Spotty McCarthy and Mike Hamilton 42, and King Shanly a lowly 41.

While the nurse was swabbing all the division 1 winners, the division 2 winner was Tony Muller finding some well overdue form with 44 points, Tony Edgar 41, Tony FitzHerbert, Hooky Howard and Wayne Mudford 40, Nev Dugan 39, Steve Thorby and Duncan Gallagher 38.

Two’s were scored by Neville Dugan on the 3rd, John Mulholland and Mark Nicholl on the 8th, Steve Thorby and Spotty McCarthy on the 10th and Tony FitzHerbert on the 13th.

Presidents Trophy
And so, eight pairs have become four, with recrimination, divorce, and drug testing belligerence all being bandied about at the after match.

Dings favourite, Ross Jellard and John Mulholland were beaten 3/1 by Vance Carson, almost without the help of playing Partner David O’Brien.  The after match comment was that VC’s and OB’s round was a best ball score of 74 off the stick, while get this, receiving 9 shots between them from Rosco and George!

Apparently there was no comment about elephant sized Richards by the losing opposition.

Dings second favourites Terry Garnett and Neville Dugan were monstered in the same proportions as the opposition’s eyebrow, losing to Mike Hamilton and Spotty McCarthy 2/1.  Both Spotty and Farmer Eyebrow scored 42 points, hard to beat.

There was not a lot of hair in this next match, and not being one to split hairs, it was Peter Smith and Massey Rata that just squeaked by Stew and Phil Kensington with a 1 up win, a lowly par on the 18th to clinch the win.

ACC Pete could be back on ACC due to getting his back up, sorry putting his back out during the round, even out doing the king of back pain bubble gum PK.

And what can you say about this next match, it was the Nickelodeon channel, as Mark Nicholl and Steve Thorby were 2 up after 9 holes over their opposition Allan Wallace and Duncan Gallagher.

Then coming down the 18th they were 1 down, needing to a win to carry the match on, which they did.

And then the Norse gods went berserk, by Thor and by crikey!  It was that a 3 putt effort from 14 feet that handed the match to Allan Wallace and Duncan Gallagher.  Yes ladies and gentlemen, in the words of his playing partner, “the first putt was aimed at China”, and well, you can guess the rest.

There is not a lot this week, but one of the Sadz things to see on a golf course is how the average golfer, like Adam and Eve, will get into a bit of strife off the tee, say on the 15th hole, and then think they can play a huge rope hook recovery shot around the tree’s.  The result was just about on the 5th green, a wee bit off line, but nothing saddling up and having another thrash wouldn’t fix!

There's a wee bit of talk under hushed eyebrows about the Handicap Management system used by some golfers.  Ding is a wee bit Fuzzy on who might be credited, or discredited with the origins of this system.

It has been around for quite some time, and all Ding will say is that GOD is watching.

Never say never, Nev a say die, as you can score a two from anywhere.  There was some luck as this intrepid shot maker Dug an exception chip from almost the 6th fairway to score his two on the 3rd.  Big Ted thought Little Ted did good!

Vets Results
Another good turnout for the vets scramble last Thursday with 34 in the field.  Tony Muller came in 1st in the men’s division with 48, followed by Colin Howard, Tony FitzHerbert, and Dieter Drescher all on 41.  1st in the ladies was Elayne O’Leary 37, 2nd Bev Macartney 36 and 3rd Heather Howard on 35.

The ladies all played in Matamata the previous week, hence no results, in answer to Dings concern about no ladies results for the week before.

Coming up …
Today we may have the Vets, and on Saturday the semi finals of the Presidents.  There is no mid week tournament due to the Stockies and Cockies tournament.

And on the 28th (Saturday) we have the Putaruru mid Winter Christmas Open Tournament.  There is a start sheet in the club rooms.

... Good golfing from XCD!



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