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"had a good look at the score cards on saturday i see the barrs both played one had 84 the other had less fancy letting your beloved beat you off the stick fuzz next thing you know you will be letting her go on top"

dubble c (Sunday, 20 June 2010)

"honest and humble pigs arse"

heather the handicapper (Wednesday, 9 June 2010)

"Investigation of handicap farming May 2010: PB shoots 80 - cheat T Garnett 75 - cheat Spotty 76 - cheat VC shoots 74 - cheat PK shoots 73 - honest and humble "

Hercule Poirot (Wednesday, 2 June 2010)

"was playing with fuzz barr and ted on thursday and thought i heard an army helicopter hovering overhead i ducked to avoid the rotors before i realized it was a seven iron flying through the air at about the same speed as a helicopter would "

dubble c (Friday, 28 May 2010)

"bunkers around the 3rd...... what is the world coming too.... my denise is the only one who can reach there"

ron from the lake (Wednesday, 19 May 2010)

"heard on the grapevine that the 1st is now the new number 1 strokehole excellent"

in the know (Wednesday, 19 May 2010)

"congrats to handicap pennant team, 2nd place at pirongia. waikato champs here we come!"

vic O (Friday, 23 April 2010)

"Duncan, you will find your left shoe on your right foot judging by your golf swing. This is not a criticism, just a casual observation from a concerned friend :)"

PK (Thursday, 11 March 2010)

"I seem to have misplaced my left golf shoe. If anyone has any information that leads to the recovery of said shoe the reward will be handsome.Also just a wee word of advice ,P.K take a breath"

duncan (Tuesday, 2 March 2010)

"Just thought I'd let you all know that this year I intend to "CRUSH YOU ALL"!!!!!!!!"

PK (Monday, 22 February 2010)

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