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"Played Putaruru last friday. Great day on a cracking course. Had to contend with a "hazard" that we don't normally come across in Auckland - a cop car driving down the middle of the 5th fairway..."Just checking the pin placements for tomorrows match lads""

Alex the Jafa (Friday, 9 October 2009)

"Well uno aye teh if you cant hacket just thwacket and say facket."

simon the pieman (Monday, 21 September 2009)

"i am starting a petition to have the gum tree removed from next to the ladies fifth tee and would like toadvise i have nailed it to the side of the fcuking thing so you can sign in anger instead of breaking clubs and the quady rum was nice eh fuzz and moto"

Only 13 clubs left (Friday, 18 September 2009)

"well done to spotty and balls for winning the presidents alas they couldn't win the one that really mattered though we did enjoy the hours free drinking after our match and cant wait for the 3 course dinner just dont cook it naked balls"

the real winners (Tuesday, 14 July 2009)

"Dings cup did runneth over, and the moths cruelly incarcerated in the wallet of scrooge's vice tight grip have been liberated, another 9 weeks to break even!! "

Lepidoptera (Monday, 15 June 2009)

"enuf crap about john barr, i want to know how barbs visit to the protein barr specialist went, maybe you went there john instead of golf ... u need to"

nev (Thursday, 4 June 2009)

"missed out on my ten bucks today john but a bets a bet and i feel u still owe it to me after all its not my fault you couldnt front and dont blame mrs barr"

spotme (Thursday, 4 June 2009)

"a thursday at golf without john barr what a great day no lessons didnt loose heaps and played quite well must have got to line 1 correctly i suppose"

dubble c (Thursday, 4 June 2009)

"One of the more enjoyable rounds, the company lacked lessons, the money exchangers were kept at bay, and the moths are now back growing in Dings wallet, shame about the 4 putt shout!"

Thursday Regular (Thursday, 4 June 2009)

"yes that is correct we did not buy shirts this year mainly because of the size of our opposition i mean look at who mite end up with them ward barr thorby spotty president brett lachie deano all fat bastards and thats all i am going to say "

terry and nev (Tuesday, 26 May 2009)

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