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"well done to the Prebble cup team of Rosco George Deano Butch Lachie Sean Hooky and Reagan on winning the bloody thing!!! its back where it belongs more good news to follow hopefully with the pennant team in the finals this sunday"

terry (Monday, 18 May 2009)

"Wanted - 1 Presidents Partner. I am cunning, know the rules, am nicely attired, punctual, can handle abuse, good sense of humour and am good at buying beer. Susceptible to coaching tips, sulky, sad short game, serious chicken wing. philip.bell@bells.co.nz"

Guess Who (Friday, 8 May 2009)

""Hey all" Yeah im still alive, well so far anyway, I'm not in the middle east just yet. A big Gidday mate to you all,Good 2 see the golf teams are doin great. This is my email doig_mere@iinet.net.au be great to hear from ya "

Doig n Queenland (Thursday, 7 May 2009)

"Dear Greens Convenor, the mat on number 1 tee would be a damn sight more use being placed on your head as a rug cause it's no damn good as a tee!"

Eyebrow (Monday, 30 March 2009)

"You would think someone in their 40's would simply let the boy win. Playing your first game of squash in some time means a five set loss is only going to make the next day feel like your second day in prison. You gait will improve in a day or so XCD."

Thursday Observer (Thursday, 26 February 2009)

"A certain Grounds Convenor has changed the greens, cut down trees, changed the tees, had hundreds of dollars of lessons and still gets whupped by Spotty! Oh the shame."

Eyebrow (Wednesday, 21 January 2009)

"the grounds convener is taking his job very seriously, i see on saturday he explored the possibility of playing the 14th by hooking his drive hooking his second then playing his third to the green off the ninth tee way to go johnny boy"

dubble c (Monday, 22 December 2008)

"yes folks my prediction was right..... in the clubrooms on saturday was alpha beaver in deep discussion with shaun beaver "

dubble c (Monday, 22 December 2008)

"BLACK day for Beaver. The last TRACE of dignity was lost by the sole remaining beaver as shaunannigans was on the menu and brutally beaten in an arm wrestle by a DOA cheerleader. "

boy blue (Friday, 19 December 2008)

"great news At last thursdays twilight we saw the return of one of the beavers, does this mean that soon the others will follow DOA beware"

dubble c (Monday, 15 December 2008)

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