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"Those shorts were bought for me by my girlfriend, Cindy Crawford. She is a great admirer of athletic men and she is shocked at this attack on my perfect pins."

PK the Adonis (Friday, 12 December 2008)

"Geeez PK, I thought... how can there possibly be lightening on such a beautiful day. Then I realised it was blinding sun reflecting off your legs. Who in their right mind would buy you shorts."

Blinded by the light (Monday, 8 December 2008)

"News headline: Pk cleans up Fuzz....Again!!!!!"

PK (Monday, 8 December 2008)

"Hello, i dont know whether this is the right place, but i think i have your lost "virgin", i found it really quickly, i almost missed it actually, but did not want to be premature about it. Anywho, if you are up again, please come again for a longer stay!"

Sullied "Vigin" (Monday, 1 December 2008)

"LOST 1 x viginity lost over the weekend in the New Plymouth area if located please contact adam sadler.... small reward offered"

Annon (Sunday, 30 November 2008)

"Hey Fuzz if you are going to write about me on the web site get it right it was two chips and two shanks and if I had thrown it forward it would have hit you and spotty"

terry (Monday, 17 November 2008)

"I am putting together the teams for twilight and I note that team Beaver seems to be missing. Is it that they have finally succumbed to the pressure of being the easy beats of the competition ? Thats the rumour coming out of Waotu is "

Double C (Monday, 10 November 2008)

"Don't mess with the hierarchy ... we all saw what happened to CC, YOU don't want to be next do YOU"

subtle underbelly (Tuesday, 28 October 2008)

"Hey trier come and join us at Oko with the other 9 hole men"

CC - Pres of Oko 9 Holers (Friday, 24 October 2008)

"remember no one is indispensable, but we are all afraid of change, especially the pins placements ... how long since the club champs?"

Ding (Friday, 24 October 2008)

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