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"Hey, remember that chickens are people too, just because everything tastes like chicken does not mean that our kind dont have feelings ... we bleed just like green keepers too you know"

BIG RED ROOSTER (Monday, 6 October 2008)

"Jeezuz, whats green, crumbed and served semi fresh in a hung, drawn and quarter pack with fries and cold shoulder coleslaw? ... The wowser that cut those ridiculous pins on Saturday"

The Colonel (Monday, 6 October 2008)

"Sorry Tony but the executive have decided that 100m indicters will not be installed on the par 3 holes. You will have to judge the distance of your second shot on the tenth hole."

Course designer (Thursday, 2 October 2008)

"Perhaps Eyebrow should get Ron to have a crack as his hedge. He certainly "tidied up" Teddy Boy's."

The Moa (Sunday, 28 September 2008)

"Dear Shylock, poetry is for poofters! Harden up John Kirwan. Go Manly Sea Eagles!"

PK (Friday, 26 September 2008)

"Dear William Hast thou not heard of the mystery of the female allure? Dost thou not ever have the yearning of a loving heart that eats into thine soul like a sonnet written by an angel? The mystery shall remain until the Yule Tide Season is upon us."

Shylock (Thursday, 25 September 2008)

"hay hay hay its fat albert in the house yay ya im going to join haha c u soon"

pom alom dom (Monday, 22 September 2008)

"hello hello i am thinking about joining haha c u soon"

pom pom (Monday, 22 September 2008)

"Good luck to all those in the champs. It will be my pleasure to laugh and mock your feeble efforts as you flub around in a 100 shots to win on the 19th! I am not bitter but I am sick of being poisened every year by my opposition ala World Cup Sth Africa."

PK (Friday, 19 September 2008)

"great course had to use a cart as to hilly for me cos im overweight. was 14 under the card until i had a 23 on the last hole it was 2 short for me. got smashed at the 19th and skinners was great.only problem was no cigarettes or pokie machines on course ta"

j daly (Monday, 15 September 2008)

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