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"Terry Garnett is the Maaaaaannnnnn Well done on your Maori golf win. look after our taonga."

Maori Boy (Monday, 1 September 2008)

"Thanks to yooz fellas for the kind words regarding my Olympic odyssey. However I must correct your ignorance regarding my participation. Watch for me competing in the cross country javelin and synchronised pizza cleaning. Finals are on Saturday. "

PK (Thursday, 14 August 2008)

"It is good to see the wood is back in the guest book, although one should watch the Olympics for its spirit of competition, and not the Beach Volley Ball ... And wtf is with men in the tight shorts, reminds me of an image of PK in speedos ... nooooooo!"

Peaking Man (Wednesday, 13 August 2008)

"It was with the deepest regret that one heard the demise of the Ford man, stirring up a storm obviously, with our Wooden Spoon, scantily Clothed, and getting a right old Rogering ... after spinning out at the treacherous Wairakei hairpin and scoring 18 pts"

Caltex Chase (Wednesday, 13 August 2008)

"Sorry PK I knew you were over there offering your services and its great to know that parts of your body are being used in the events was it the beam or the small balls they use in the rhythmic gymnastics "

double c (Tuesday, 12 August 2008)

"Sorry DoubleC but I havent got time for guest book. I am at the olympics scoping for day dream material. Gymnastics is niiiiice."

PK (Monday, 11 August 2008)

"When are you sod busters going to get back to golf the guest book has been crap lately even PK cant say anything decent or has eyebrow finally sorted out his porn on the computor scam"

Dubble C (Friday, 8 August 2008)

"Romeo Romeo where for art thou ? I beseech thee treat my leading lady in a manner and custom she deserves!! then bring her out of the closet and introduce her to the boys "

William SHAKESPEARE (Wednesday, 23 July 2008)

"congrats Spotty & Mike sorry i had to spend my saturday in 35 degrees while you battled Moto im sure you enjoyed your day and victory"

duncan (Monday, 21 July 2008)

" Congratulation ex Captain Ding A most appropriate congratulatory message for the winners of the "Presidents" competition Spirit"

Anonymous (Thursday, 17 July 2008)

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