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"Ding, in a desperate attempt to eliminate the flailing right elbow, will no doubt stretch the resources of NZ premier coaching system. After his diligent resistance of coaching tips over recent years, we await the results with interest. A wise investment?"

NAGA (Wednesday, 21 May 2008)

"Hey Lauchie, you really need to be careful when putting your nose into the Bush, bad luck on finding the thorns instead of the rose (ya gotta love the imagery of The Da Vinci Code)... oh and good round BTW, 2 out of bounds and 41 points"

T Horny (Friday, 16 May 2008)

"The boys are having a bit of a crack at each other which is good, but dont forget EYEBROW, or Hoytie, sorry concerned golfer ... they are the evil ones, well anyone from the DOA team ... REALLY! "

Non Shanker (Friday, 16 May 2008)

"Believe me.......the statement(having control over) and the word (shank) do not belong on the same planet. "

Fuzz (Thursday, 15 May 2008)

"gee thats a bit harsh picking on my genetic make up which was out of my control unlike your shank "

dubble c (Thursday, 15 May 2008)

"Ok Captain Honk"

Fuzz (Tuesday, 13 May 2008)

"he fuzz it was amazing in all that documentation that was put out prior to the stewart round you failed to have a solution for what to do when you have a shank let alone two barb obviously knew she just laughed"

dubble c (Monday, 12 May 2008)

"Never mind Terry, there is always next year for the Prebble Cup"

BOO HOO (Thursday, 17 April 2008)

"no worries john we will get it down soon and get it back to you dont buy a new one "

terry (Tuesday, 15 April 2008)

"Hei Terry I dont recall volunteering any prizes for the tournament so could I have my pitching wedge back when that tree is felled."

Watling (Monday, 14 April 2008)

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