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"Its good to see the Wooden Spoon is now safely wedged, between the town and lifestyle belt on Golf Road."

Country Member (Wednesday, 25 June 2008)

"Fix those pitch mark you wowsers, or may the curse of Dings chicken wing right elbow inflict your golf swing in addition to your old fella's turning green and dropping off"

The Other Grumble (Monday, 16 June 2008)

"Hi I notice you have a lot of tournaments on Saturdays, does this mean your club days are held on Sundays?"

observer (Saturday, 7 June 2008)

"The flailing right elbow is about to become extinct ... The sheer shock of how horrendous the swing actually appears on video leaves one wondering how contact with the ball actually ever happened ... luckily there was no tree handy with a rope"

Chicken Wing (Friday, 30 May 2008)

"You may not hear from Ding for a while"

Casual Observer (Thursday, 29 May 2008)

"Ding, I am positive I was in bounds last Friday - all four times"

Greg (Thursday, 29 May 2008)

"To those nanas throwing away $3-400 on lessons my advice would be to instead use those funds to equip themselves for another sport entirely. I suggest snake wrangling."

PK (Monday, 26 May 2008)

"My Dearest Fuzz, Whilst I appreciate the concern about the elbow, you have work to do, although one would wonder. I do hope the academy can teach the effective use of a shank, as you seemed to have mastered this so well. Have a lucky lucky chuckle on me"

Chicken Wing (Wednesday, 21 May 2008)

"Ding, in a desperate attempt to eliminate the flailing right elbow, will no doubt stretch the resources of NZ premier coaching system. After his diligent resistance of coaching tips over recent years, we await the results with interest. A wise investment?"

NAGA (Wednesday, 21 May 2008)

"Hey Lauchie, you really need to be careful when putting your nose into the Bush, bad luck on finding the thorns instead of the rose (ya gotta love the imagery of The Da Vinci Code)... oh and good round BTW, 2 out of bounds and 41 points"

T Horny (Friday, 16 May 2008)

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