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"We were very impressed with your very well run Van Dyke sponsored mixed open tournament as well as your great to play on golf course. Equally impressive was offcause the fabuluos hospitality and kindness shown by your members. "

Maori Volcanic JW &AT (Monday, 14 April 2008)

"thanks to all the participants over the weekend of the vandyks your prompt attendance and cheerful mood made it an easy tournament to run.hope to see you all next year"

terry garnett (Monday, 14 April 2008)

"Sorry Caveman, naked skinners, too old. The guys are so old you couldnt tell even if they were naked! Bunker jumping, too old cant jump, not even with fright! Cat throwing? Dude if I ever got pussy I wouldnt throw it away!"

PK (Monday, 7 April 2008)

"Where has all the fun gone? Bring back naked skinners, bunker jumping and cat throwing!!!"

Caveman (Friday, 28 March 2008)

"Is romance alive and well at the Putaruru Club? Who was the male member who gave his golf ball he won for having a 2 last saturday to his new romance to use at ladies golf on Tuesday. "

Wondering (Wednesday, 26 March 2008)

"RIP The Beavers"

Silent Mourner (Friday, 14 March 2008)

"nice chip on 15 ding "

Homer (Monday, 10 March 2008)

"Good luck with the new club Barry, the prebble cup team will miss your short game."

Caveman (Monday, 10 March 2008)

"People who live in glass houses should not cut the holes in ridculous places and then take exception to the forth coming and valid critisism"

Objective Observer (Monday, 3 March 2008)

"for sale: two of my famous high priced putters scooty cameron brand going cheap please contact john barr"

s cameron (Monday, 25 February 2008)

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