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"Sorry Rhys, the executive would not let me to get your pennant shirt embroidered with the player name of Coxy Normus. They did however approve Happy Hooker. I will assume you are happy with that option."

The Old Guy (Wednesday, 20 February 2008)

"Heather got revenge. Bulb insisted she lodge his 6th card from The Kinloch so he could finally have a HCP. (Recalling his 5th card mysteriously vanished) Alas Bulb you didn"

Justice is sweet (Wednesday, 20 February 2008)

"Good to see the Blue Wave is back at the head of the field! Where are the Beavers?"

Gladys (Friday, 15 February 2008)

"Bugger Terry Garnett I vote Natalia for Club Captain"

Paul (Monday, 4 February 2008)

"Well I never thought Heather could be sweet talked out of lodging a 76 off the stick card. JVD you have exceptional powers of persuasion. Good Luck with your efforts for double figure starting handicap. "

I will play off 13 thanks (Wednesday, 16 January 2008)

"hey I have just seen Natalia new video Pretty Like Me with the Bimbo Jones Mix on you tube, just put Natalia Pretty Like Me into a search engine and you will find it or just nataliaofficial"

Paul (Wednesday, 9 January 2008)

"well done to the ladies for the closed christmas tourny on saturday, great feild great weather and good times had by all great prize table lucky the pool table is where it is now so there was enough space haha "

terry garnett (Thursday, 22 November 2007)

"John Barr you pussy it was only a small bottle of steinlager"

Anonymous (Sunday, 18 November 2007)

"Had a great morning playing with the nine hole ladies on Tuesday. My first nine hole golf day with them as a new comer. Very friendly and made me feel very welcome. Thanks!!"

Sue (Friday, 16 November 2007)

"Wayward off the Tee it appears you also need some vehicle driving lessons Terry. Ford seen driving itself down SH1 Thursday morning with you in hot pusuit. Lesson 1 - leave vehicle in PARK while unattended, Lesson 2 - engage the handbrake when parking."

Driving Instructor (Thursday, 8 November 2007)

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