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"Like most country courses around New Zealand thru the holiday period, they are not the greatest as people are on holiday. Including green keepers, better to be playing on clover than DIRT.??????"

Concerned member (Thursday, 4 February 2016)

"Yes, there is one in there, and in deference to the Long Warren who probably thinks cars and bees not good, well standing on fairway, clover flowers, hitting a delicate wedge, WHILST bees are buzzing about, much like these guest book entries, NOT GOOD"

The Bonnet Wearer (Wednesday, 27 January 2016)

"Hmmm yes long fairways fine for Mr Chop Chop who hits a wood from 130 but oh try a 9 iron fluffy flub no control U.S. Open semi rough tangle slash when you've hit the fairway! NO!! Peace and Love"

Normal Golfer (Wednesday, 27 January 2016)

"Well I don’t care what you guys think. At our course we love clover. It is green all year long has pretty white flowers and if you get tangled in it with a frisky young filly you can have a roll in it. We love it!"

Coromandel Green. (Wednesday, 27 January 2016)

"You just don’t appreciate how good clover is Bro. There is real skill in taking a 15cm place in 3 inch deep clover. I can get it to balance on a clover leaf 3 inches long and hit my driver. Clover green 70 mm tees help."

Clover Drover (Friday, 15 January 2016)

"Whoooh…what’s changed at your guy’s course? Clover thick and long on the fairways, tees in odd ball positions and slow greens collars partly cut. Not what I recalled from past visits. A tad disappointing!"

Putaruru fan (was) (Thursday, 14 January 2016)

"Came back 6th Jan and this time brought 10 reinforcements with me, thankfully they all enjoyed the course as I did. Big, big thanks to Barbara for the hospitality and life saving tea and coffee. Awesome job and awesome course, we will be back. 10/10"

Kinloch Clive (Friday, 8 January 2016)

"Hair today, gone tomorrow, or Tuesday!"

Recollections abit fuzzy (Saturday, 21 November 2015)

"It will be 11 years since this website broke its hymen, on the 25th of November 2004, and what an anniversary this will be, a bang to be remembered I dare say ... "

Ding (Saturday, 21 November 2015)

"Keep the presidency, or pass it on without baggage, be fair or be frustrated, your legacy is better than that, your choice, it really is"

not prepared to hide much longer (Thursday, 19 November 2015)

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