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"Yes Nev...you are allowed a 6" place after you have driven your ball 7 inches deep into the 9th fairway. Unfortunately that still leaves you 1" underground and the sucker rule does not apply after you have placed."

Rules Convenor (Wednesday, 24 October 2007)

"Tried hanging, but the rope snapped ... 0 for 4! The only weekend when work on Monday was a godsend!!!!!"

Captain DIng (Thursday, 11 October 2007)

"Has anybody seen Captain Ding since sunday what with the ABs Waikato and Holden all falling over maybe we should organise a search of the golf club to see if we can find him hanging in a tree any volunteers please "

CONCERNED MEMBER (Thursday, 11 October 2007)

"Ford 1 2 3 ! 365 sleeps to go before Holdens chance of redemtion."

Ford Reign Continues (Monday, 8 October 2007)

"Wayne Barnes is a cheat, Hawkes Bay must have cheated, and the Fords are all cheats, bring back kangaroo's to Bathurst."

Toy Chucker (Sunday, 7 October 2007)

"12 year olds reign supreme in club champs!!!! well done Daley and Marmite hard luck Hoyte and Dougy"

tel (Sunday, 7 October 2007)

"Woatu sends women to do mans job. Well done Alison at least one winner comes from Waotu Road"

Anonymous (Sunday, 7 October 2007)

"Prediction for Bathurst: Ford first, daylight second, Holden third!"

Impartial Observer (Wednesday, 3 October 2007)

"PK you are a fool John Anderson will choke under the relentless pressure of Rhys Fuzz is in the wrong division Jahrome Brown will kick Rons arse and Balls didnt qualify for the Junior B s cause his belly putter didnt fire"

Tel (Tuesday, 11 September 2007)

"Way to go Big Ted on winning the presidents with Middle Ted(fuzz) if only we could have a three way game then you could add little Ted(Nev)and you would be unstoppable "

Eyebrow (Tuesday, 11 September 2007)

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