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"Russell Burman you ae the man, defending your sppon title the way you did, very impress that you drunk the double rum but laughed about the 4 vodkas in your beer well done, you should be at the world cup with those other overpaid farmers "

Anonymous (Tuesday, 11 September 2007)

"Predictions for Club Champs: Senior - John Anderson Intermediate - Barry Wallace Junior - Ron Hunt JuniorB - Balls"

PK (Monday, 10 September 2007)

"Predictions For Club Champs. DOA members to win Junior B, Junior and Intermediate Championships! Beavers to then go into permanent hibernation! "

Casual Observer (Friday, 24 August 2007)

"i thought we were playing john barr on saturday the way pk managed his golf score around the course,how anyone knows they are going to shoot 80 exactly before they tee off has got me. who am i getting at pk or fuzz - you will never know!!! "

disgruntled ex president (Monday, 13 August 2007)

"It is shocking that Eyebrow would purport to misinform readers when it is clear that it is indeed a Hedgebrow, a thicket of forest like proportions! "

Supportive Friend (Friday, 3 August 2007)

"Condalences to Captain Ding on his dismissal from his Presidents Cup team! Dougies legs buckled under the massive weight of his useless partner. Doug is now free to accept offers for next year, any takers?"

Eyebrow (Wednesday, 1 August 2007)

"Its official.... Vets day is now Tahitian Rum day - it tastes better coming up than going down..."

Powerchuck (Wednesday, 1 August 2007)

"It was a delight to see Captain Ding NOT win the spoon, but the plight of Waotu must be concerning locals, as the growth part time dairy cockies/golfers lifts the odds of spoon retention in Waotu. The spoon will return home to Waotu soon one thinks."

Less concerned golfer (Wednesday, 27 June 2007)

"I thought the course was in good condition. The greens will be great once the corings fade. Your distance markers were hard to locate and could be replaced with the large half golfballs that sit above the ground but go under ground when mowed over."

Randal Barr (Tuesday, 26 June 2007)

"Thanks for making 11 down the first fuzz. That evened the game up given your overly generous handicap. A bit sad to be thrashed in the beer but against 2 ex club champs playing off 15. I mean to say. Very enjoyable to play the course after about 10 yrs."

Randal Barr (Monday, 25 June 2007)

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