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"Visions of an axe man in a seriously drunken state attempting to fell Tane Mahuta with a single blow. PKs tee shot on 18 had as much chance as Nev Dugan has of being allowed to open a TAB phone account. Entertainment plus PK & thanks for the beer. "

Fuzz (Monday, 11 June 2007)

"Fuzz - a nice new handicap of 16.6 - do me a favour, were these cards filled out in the carpark or did you actually hit it that many times? Is age becoming an excuse?"

harry blade (Monday, 28 May 2007)

"could you please give that lovely boy who knocked on my door on tuesday a message , tell him the jug is hot and i am waiting for his return "

rotoiti camper (Friday, 25 May 2007)

"could the member who showed us his member please refrain from disturbing our peace, if he wants to go fishing he will need a better presented worm next time"

trout fishing expert (Friday, 25 May 2007)

"Thank you Ding for letting me score only 24 points, and yet, I never had the slightest worry about the Spoon."

Concerned Golfer (Thursday, 24 May 2007)

"Didnt jesse owens win gold medals five times at one olympics? Well done Ding you are now up there with the best of them, now only Mark Spitz and his six golds stand in your way for your shot at immortality "

Anonymous (Wednesday, 23 May 2007)

"Spoon leaves rural retreat in favour of lifestyle belt."

NZPA (Tuesday, 22 May 2007)

"Spoon leaves rural address in favour of the Lifestyle belt."

nzpa (Tuesday, 22 May 2007)

"Welcome back Fuzz, and thanks for the free beer on Saturday! :) You too Sean...ha haaaaa... ps I am the man."

PK (Tuesday, 15 May 2007)

"A bit dear to play vets golf at Tirau on Thursdays $14??? I was charged and I queried it and they said it was right.I think we are under charging when they are coming over to our club to play"

Pete (Wednesday, 25 April 2007)

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