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"A bit dear to play vets golf at Tirau on Thursdays $14??? I was charged and I queried it and they said it was right.I think we are under charging when they are coming over to our club to play"

Pete (Wednesday, 25 April 2007)

"Its such a relief to know that eternal salvation can be found on a golf course."

The Disiciple (Wednesday, 25 April 2007)

"It has been noted that some Saturday heathens have redeemed themselves with Tuesday penance ... Saint Saturday Helper is duely impressed at the power of the internet and rabid guilt!!"

The Saint (Tuesday, 24 April 2007)

"Not everyone could have helped on Saturday, those that did will have their reward in Heaven playing Augusta and Putaruru. Those that did not are off to those 2 courses somewhat closer to Putaruru, Koo and Rauti (anag!) ... Hell Pizza is complimentary!"

Saint Saturday Helper (Monday, 23 April 2007)

"david thank you for the free beer all day. to drunk to please the missus which wasnt great!"

duncan (Wednesday, 11 April 2007)

"The holes were cut, according to instructions, from those in higher places. "

2IC of Hole Placement (Monday, 19 March 2007)

"After careful forensic testing,i note im the SECOND person to win spoon on the same course.Captin DING 2X winner @ Putaruru!"

current holder. (Sunday, 11 March 2007)

"Balls you useless PUSSY!!!!! You have let the team down all you needed was 2 lousy points out of the last 2 holes, CHOKER!!!!"

NOM DE PLUMB (Saturday, 10 March 2007)

""It was so enjoyable to see the blue wave of DOA engulf the pathetic beavers""

Gladys (Friday, 23 February 2007)

"Beavers in hibernation Only two uniformed beavers and a camel turned up for last nights drubbing by DOA The much talked about throat punch turned out to be an open hand slap Sue Bradford would be proud of. The blue wave of DOA now seems unstoppable. "

nzpa (Friday, 23 February 2007)

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