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"The blistering Beavers performance against a languid DOA must have concerned golfer wondering if another donkey episode is in the wind ... NEWAYS the chorus of "Beaver Beaver Beaver Oi Oi Oi" will be ringing for the next few days at least ... Yeah Babeeeee"

B1 (Monday, 19 February 2007)

"Hi Ding. I am so jealous of you, being a Groupie, at so many concerts lately. You are a slut! I will forgive you, as I still fancy you. Please keep in touch."

Love Elton (Thursday, 8 February 2007)

"yeah sorry about that but i will let u into a secret, about 6 years ago i had 6 inches surgically removed from the old fella so i would not look out of place at the woatu ball come wife swap they used to run every year"

Terry (Saturday, 6 January 2007)

"Well talk about the AA lessons,(NOT EVEN OW) since giving up smoking and since arriving at that 19th hole my alcohol intake has quadrupled, bank balance in a dynamic downward spiral, and to top it all off Ive only been playing serious golf for two months."

Spill (Wednesday, 27 December 2006)

"The scariest thing about the donkey incident, was the speed and frequency, with which, Terry dropped his own pants. Has anybody got a microscope?"

Eeee-Awww (Wednesday, 13 December 2006)

"I am not amused!"

Donkey (Wednesday, 13 December 2006)

"Felt really bad about the Eeee -Awww until I saw Wayne charging across the practice green with a big ******* !!!! I love Waotu!!!!!!"

Hoytee (Tuesday, 12 December 2006)

"I am sorry my blue undies were not really the go, but big ups to Wayno ... he the man!!"

Concerned Golfer (Tuesday, 12 December 2006)

"is it just me or are the rum brothers useless without me and terry, we are looking for a new team next year if you hear of any vacancies"

nev (Monday, 11 December 2006)

"I love this place!!! - it beats the hell out of my AA classes"

Spill (Monday, 11 December 2006)

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