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"The Beavers are falling apart under the relentless pressure. Which one will fail next?"

DOA (Friday, 8 December 2006)

"Hi Ding. Lovely to see you at my show. You are a pretty boy. Will be in touch."

Love Elton (Thursday, 7 December 2006)

"Once again DOA easily kicks Beaver butt! The hundy is looking increasingly safe in Waotu."

Casual Observer (Sunday, 3 December 2006)

"To the concerned golfer who thought his footjoy's were stolen ... you useless lump, how on earth did you score so well and become so paranoid ... we have your shoes ... ransom is public humiliation and a hundie! BTW your assets are frozen!"

The Mafioso (Saturday, 18 November 2006)

"Dong Dong should not write his verbose garbage while under the influence."

Casual Observer (Friday, 17 November 2006)

"This is a great club website ..... congratulations, there should be more like this. Looks like you're all enjoying your golf. Butch, did you start playing playing left handed to get out to a 10?"

Blade (Harry!!) .. from the 70's (Sunday, 5 November 2006)

"Great nite Saturday - made a fool of myself and pissed everyone off!! Pleased to anounce that I am joining Putaruru next year!!"

Mingy (Friday, 13 October 2006)

"Well done to those who organised and attended the social on saturday, bloody great nite and to those who didn't attend you missed an excellent night u unsociable buggars "

terry (Monday, 9 October 2006)

"Ford wins Bathurst. Holden fans turn blue"

For The Record (Monday, 9 October 2006)

"Spotted, a round man in a pink shirt, throwing his club after an AIR SHOT on the 17th."

Casual Observer (Tuesday, 3 October 2006)

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