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"i went to use my cart the other day and saw a big dent in the back of it can anyone tll me how it happened?"

beryl garnett (Sunday, 1 October 2006)

"Tried my best, but came up short. Neo"

Anonymous (Friday, 22 September 2006)

"The reason Ding lost is due to his unfortunate golf swing. This has been compared to "an inbred many limbed redneck trying to kill a mongoose with a bent rake........""

Monty (Thursday, 21 September 2006)

"What happened on sat Ding? I was that confident,I shot to the T.A.B to put a bet on you going all the way. All be it at ratshit odds due to your form coming into the champs."

kooza (Tuesday, 19 September 2006)

"Hope Ding has enough space on his mantlepiece for the spoon after next Tuesday."

Concerned Golfer (Friday, 8 September 2006)

"Well done to captain ding for having had the balls to write about his poor round at taupo, its what happens when he turns up in the nick of time to tee off, anyway i'm sure his heart and other parts of his body swelled with pride after his gutsy win "

Doctor Nick (Monday, 4 September 2006)

"Re Presidents: I was outnumbered, two burglars to one!"

PK (Friday, 1 September 2006)

"These outlandish claims of burglary are totally unfounded and a scurrilous slur upon my good name. As for being arrested.......I like handcuffs! "

PK (Tuesday, 22 August 2006)

""News Flash" Due to numerous complaints about burglary, Police are now looking into this case, rumour has it PK will be getting locked up on Friday and maybe released on Monday....two days to late!!!"

The Fuzz (Monday, 21 August 2006)

"It's good to see TKR has finally seen the light."

Someone from Waotu (Thursday, 17 August 2006)

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