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"Just remember Balls, following your famous loss to CC, that you made a side bet at the Hog beforehand. Ha Ha !!!"

Concerned Golfer (Tuesday, 1 August 2006)

"well done rosco on achieving the 1000 games in the system, florence must be good to you to let you play so much"

terry (Thursday, 27 July 2006)


PK (Wednesday, 26 July 2006)

"Golf Formats - Everything you ever wanted to know about how to play the different golf formats!! Very handy, explains it all!"

Elayne (Thursday, 13 July 2006)

"How long will it be before the spoon stops being hogged by these country buffoons, how about a turn for the townies?! AND who will be the next Waotuian to win it, does that make you nervous MR CONCERNED GOLFER?!!!"

A Different Concerned Golfer (Wednesday, 12 July 2006)

"To the concerned golfer, having dry cows and your missus slap your hands on a wet day leaves idle hands to play on the internet! For the record it was 87 nett 73 for 28 points, more than good enough for spoon day!"

Captain Ding (Thursday, 6 July 2006)

"Noted at Tirau Weallans Tournament. One score had a slash through Nett and Gross, a question mark and a measley 26 pts. With Wooden Spoon coming up, perhaps Captain Ding has been getting tips from Cambo on how to prepare for major tournaments!!!"

Concerned Golfer (Thursday, 6 July 2006)

"heres an early tip henry van dyk and balls to win the presidents rumour has it they are going into camp at port douglas leading up to the event "

Anonymous (Tuesday, 4 July 2006)

"Was that Gripper at the bar buying double whiskeys for a double failure to make the ladies on the 16th?"

Concerned Golfer (Thursday, 22 June 2006)

"Of course, there is more than one person in the club with the initials J.A.! p.s. "PK" is a registered trademark not to be used willy nilly by people with atrocious golf swings! :)"

The real PK (Tuesday, 20 June 2006)

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