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"Sour is not funny"

Fadir (Thursday, 17 September 2015)

"Enjoyed my game with two legends of golf, Dingo and Pieman. Great fun indeed although it is very difficult to play well when you're constantly ducking!"

God (Thursday, 9 July 2015)

"Knot Sheepish ... people watch ... voyeurs watch … SHEAP not Herded … still willing … wanton OMG just like facing the book with a printer … to shear the transcript"

Me Ding (Saturday, 30 May 2015)

"Very nice site!"

Pharmk926 (Tuesday, 19 May 2015)

"one can only read between the lines that we have some very upset readers mr dingling, well I say tell them to go and get a right ole rogering,I absolutely adore what I read and yes welcome back your wit and humour and intelligence what can I say u da man."

simon the pieman (Tuesday, 5 May 2015)

"7 Days Anzac episode, you think I am vaginal, watch the Canadian ... my inspiration for te future ... oooh, can u use the V word ...... ITS JUST A WORD"

Ding (Monday, 27 April 2015)

"someone has to say this, well done Ted and team, great job on the 16th, shame this has become personal, Tony and committee deserve congratulations, not brick bats"

cant c the dirt for the grass (Monday, 27 April 2015)

"gigantic cot explosion ... toys thrown ... who will save our toys"

Toy Advocate (Sunday, 26 April 2015)

"woohoo the dingling is back,bac from the wooded woods of the forest,lets hope he can see the woods for the trees or is it his treemendous shots he is having of late, anyhu welcome bac u old fartacle."

simon the pieman (Thursday, 26 March 2015)

"I knew I had wolves and horses but I was surprised to receive a call from my superintendent to report moose had been heard on my course "

Michael Hill (Thursday, 4 December 2014)

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