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"You never really think about Murphy's Law, until playing Ambrose, at which point if you can't win the competition, you will sabotage your main contenders trundler ... hope Ambrose enjoy's playing the LPGA Tour in the United States!"

That Guy (Monday, 14 November 2005)

"From memory Ambrose is the one with the history of dirty tactics"

Random Guy (Thursday, 3 November 2005)

"Murphy deliberately "shunted" Ambrose in order to cheat Ford racing of their inevitable victory! Skaife would have choked!"

Ford Prefect (Monday, 10 October 2005)

"Ford last won the GREAT RACE in 1998, just in case you were wondering!"

N3VAH2 (Monday, 10 October 2005)

"Most people think Mad Goose has lost distance off the tee, that is not true, he has a rare disorder whereby he relives a previous life as Captain Ding chopper extraordinaire, you may laugh, but it could be worse, he could swing like Burns!"

Butch Harmon (Tuesday, 4 October 2005)

"Congats to Rhys on his new swing! Previosly his action was compared to "An Octopus trying to erect a pup-tent during a hurricane".....but now, an out of control windmill perhaps? "

A Spaz (Tuesday, 4 October 2005)

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Hydrocodone (Monday, 26 September 2005)

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Blackjack (Thursday, 15 September 2005)

"The feeling at the golf club this year has been very positive, it's nice to see so many enjoying the game, our facilities and the course. Lets keep this going!! Thank to our members for all working in together to make this happen."

Captain Ding (Monday, 12 September 2005)

"Vee only losht becos King mished a sigs foot putt on de eightensh ant he only had tventy nine gotdam shtaplefords! Heesh nout a vedy gaud partner!"

Deiter (Wednesday, 31 August 2005)

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