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"It is simply bad practice Terry arranging your second round match before you have actually won your first round match. It is a common Hoo DOO Bro!"

The Chicken Counter (Monday, 24 September 2012)

"9 holes when is this coming to Putaruru, cant wait."

not much time (Friday, 22 June 2012)

"The moose call at the 10th bought tears to the eyes as this virginal glup realised the dream of horrors not knowing what the f*%# a moose sounds like ... a girl moose howl saved a few $ ... but now this temp rustic knows what the bovines go thru ... moo"

Stretched Sphincter (Thursday, 19 April 2012)

"Just a quick warning to all members and visitors, I'm back and I am spraying the driver worse than ever. So I will apologise in advance for any damgage/injury/death caused by an errant tee shot..... or my behaviour in the 19th. Thanks."

Rhystafarian (Wednesday, 28 March 2012)

"Seen using a GPS to check how far you were from the pin, for your second on 13. Not really pennant form Ding."

Pigeon feeder (Friday, 16 March 2012)

"Ding beats Fuzz, ready to take number 6 spot in Pennants Team ...... NOT"

Ding (Friday, 16 March 2012)

"As one of the few technical experts at our club I will explain. A shank comes off the hosel of the club and a sideways chip comes of the toe. Ronny's might not have technically been a shank either, it was possibly a Chwank."

Fuzzlogic (Monday, 31 October 2011)

"great sumation of the shootout fuzz and well recorded however how come JR Wood had a shank on hole two but you had a sideways chip on the 6th, they sort of looked the same shot to me. "

sherrif terry (Monday, 31 October 2011)

"now that you mention it i heard that moose as i finished on the 12th green last week i was playing with balls who had just holed a ten footer for ten was it the same moose or do we have a matching pair on the course"

dubble c (Wednesday, 26 October 2011)

"Wildlife abound. The staff saw a pheasant the other morning in the pines and the quail are back around the 8th tee. There was a definite Moose call on the 5th tee on Saturday. Brett who had just written a nice juicy 10 on his card will confirm the call. "

Moose Spotter (Sunday, 4 September 2011)

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