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"Well well well I here there were 3 virgins vying for the wooden spoon I tell you what that spilly must have the luck of the Hori Irish sitting on his shoulders,as for Hooky well mate I think its time for you to retire to the petanque arena!!!!"

Simon the pieman (Wednesday, 1 September 2010)

"The sign is a disgrace. It was obviously not written by an English teacher. For the record Fuzz's requires an apostrophe."

Fuzz (Saturday, 28 August 2010)

"great sign on the tree by the 11th tee"

anon (Tuesday, 24 August 2010)

"I was down on the farm boundary when I saw a mower caught up in the fence, I asked the greenkeeper and he said the grounds convener should stick to selling insurance and not drive mowers before he went down and towed it out!"

Henry van der Heyden (Monday, 9 August 2010)

"Fuzz likes to tell everyone how much he won the other thursday i am pleased to say that thursday just gone he and kooza couldnt beat ding and me and kooza even shot 64 can anyone spot the weakest link goodbye"

Terry and Ding (Sunday, 25 July 2010)

"Won $5K Thursday. Played for $1K per hole. Won $5K after beating myself 5 & 4. Brett on 7th Honeymoon, Ding played Tirau Wednesday, Kooz on home duties, Terry played with the vets, Nev busy. What a bunch of pussies. Committed.....Me "

Fuzz (Friday, 9 July 2010)

"visiting mums old club via the net...good to see some old family names still going strong. still carry her last card in my bag, its the only time i could have beaten the old girl. "

rob spraggon perth wa (Friday, 2 July 2010)

"Thanks to Fuzz for testing fence stiles. I will feel confident now that they'll support my much lighter frame as I clamber over to retrieve other players stray shots.:)"

PK (Friday, 25 June 2010)

"There is always a reward somewhere for the honest player. As you know I have been known to feed the pigeons from time to time. In actual fact I was testing the fence stiles that Ian & Hoyte had repaired, as part of my executive duties."

Fuzz (Monday, 21 June 2010)

"had a good look at the score cards on saturday i see the barrs both played one had 84 the other had less fancy letting your beloved beat you off the stick fuzz next thing you know you will be letting her go on top"

dubble c (Sunday, 20 June 2010)

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