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Membership Fees

Membership Information

The following is a summary of Membership Categories

No. Membership Category
No. Membership Category
1 Full Playing
5 Junior Upgrade
2 First Year Full Playing
6 Junior
3 Associate
7 9 Hole Golfer
4 25-45 Yrs Ltd Restricted
8 Social

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Full Playing
A member paying the full subscription set at the AGM each year, entitling  the member to full use of the course and facilities, an official NZGA handicap and entry to all club competitions and tournaments.

First Year Full Playing
A member who pays the reduced subscription, who joins Putaruru Golf Club for the first time and has not previously held any membership of any golf club within the last 2 years.  The player is entitled to the same privileges as a full playing member, but pays the reduced subscription for the first year only.
A member paying the relevant subscription is entitled to use the course and facilities, except where the course is closed for designated competition or tournaments.  This membership category incorporates the previous “limited” & “summer” membership.  Members are not eligible for tournaments.  No official NZGA handicap is conferred.  No voting rights are conferred.
25 - 45 Yrs Limited Restricted
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Junior Upgrade
Pre-Tertiary Juniors may upgrade to this category; Tertiary students under 23 years on 1 January, and attending a recognised tertiary institution; Apprentices 20 years or under on 1 January and completing a recognised apprenticeship; Are entitled to compete in all Club Competitions and Tournaments.  An official NZGA handicap must be maintained.  No voting rights are conferred.
Pre-Tertiary Junior
Under 19 years old at 1 January, and attending Primary, Intermediate or Secondary School.  Membership entitles the Junior Member to use course and facilities as determined by the Match Committee, and an Official NZGA Handicap.  They are able to play in competitions arranged for them and tournaments.  No voting rights are conferred.
9 Hole Golfer
A member complying with the standard 9 Hole Regulations and paying the annual subscription as set at the AGM. No voting rights are conferred.
This category entitles the member to the use of the Club House but not the course. No voting rights are conferred.

Voting Rights: Only full playing (i.e. categories 1 and 2) and life members have voting rights conferred. No other membership categories have voting rights at any AGM or Special General Meeting of the Putaruru Golf Club.

Subscription Payment:   In all cases, before a player is entitled to compete in any of the Club Competitions for the ensuing year, their subscription must be paid in full, or arrangements made with the Committee to pay their subscription off. All subscriptions must be paid in full by 1st March in any year.  Members not financial at the 15th of March will be removed from the NZGA handicapping system.

No refunds: - will be made in any membership category, if the member leaves before the end of the subscription year.

Part Year: A Full Playing Member may pay the three months portion from 1st March to 31st May of the relevant Sub if they will no longer be playing golf in Putaruru from the 31st May onwards.

From 1 January: A Full Playing Member (including Full Playing Veteran, First Year Full Playing or Full Playing Junior) wishing to join from 1 January, may do so, on payment in full, of the relevant Full Playing Subscription as set at the previous AGM.  Such payment will cover the period from 1 January until the end of February of the following year, giving up to14 months of membership.

Definition of Competitions:  The competitions are defined under the relevant trophies & cups as set out in the annual fixtures booklet.

Definition of Tournaments:  Tournaments are normally special one of events which result in the successful participants taking away prizes generally to a value not exceeding $500 per person.

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